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Will China’s CPTPP Application Succeed & How Would that Impact US Trade Policy?




China has officially applied to join the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) - a treaty encompassing roughly 13% of the global economy – but whether it is possible for the application to succeed is in question. 

When the treaty was first being negotiated – during the Obama administration when the US was a member – it was intended to raise standards within the original bloc of nations and ironically, reduce their collective reliance on China for trade.  

Many questions have been raised:

  • Does China intend to actually join or was it meant as a message – the original treaty was championed by the US before the Trump admin withdrew – to the global community? 
  • Can China make the necessary reforms to join or can they get in through exceptions?
  • Can they get the unanimous acceptance required with their ongoing disputes with members?

Experts remain divided on whether it is realistic for China to join and how likely it is to actually happen. In this succinct, 30-minute webinar we’ll examine the probability of it, including what obstacles – and whether they’re insurmountable – stand in the way, and how that might impact US Trade Policy.


  1. Overview of CPTPP and what it is
    1. Background
    2. Comparison of participatory countries with other FTAs
    3. High-level review of clauses
  2. China’s application
    1. Background
    2. Possibility for being approved and impediments to such
  3. Implication for US trade policy
    1. What is US current trade policy 
    2. Would US join CPTPP or other bilateral / multi-lateral FTAs in Asia

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