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Unlocking Opportunities in ASEAN – Utilizing Potentials with Cross-Regional Expansion



With the potential to benefit both local businesses and foreign direct investments (FDIs), ASEAN presents a compelling market for expansion. From strategic location benefits to thriving sectors, each country has distinct offerings that can propel your growth. Additionally, local governments also provide notable support and incentives to facilitate and enhance cross-regional business expansion. 

If you are considering expanding your business beyond your current market, you'll be delighted to learn about the effortless possibilities and abundant benefits awaiting you, particularly in key countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

In this webinar, our team of experts, each with extensive knowledge and experience across ASEAN, provide detailed insights and guidance: 

Pritesh Samuel, Head of Business Intelligence, explores inter-ASEAN trade relationships, free trade agreements, and tax incentives. He focuses on how ASEAN businesses can utilize these opportunities when expanding into neighboring countries. 

David Stepat, Senior Manager in Singapore, offers an overview of Singapore's position as the top investor in the region. He highlights the city-state's business-friendly innovation hub, competitive landscape, and its role as a gateway to Asia for global SMEs and multinationals. 

Marco Förster, Head of ASEAN Advisory, presents case studies benchmarking Indonesia and Vietnam. He compares the characteristics of these fast-growing economies, providing valuable information to guide investors in identifying the most promising markets for their next steps. 

Whether you are new to the region or an established player, our market analysis expertise will guide you in finding the right market and navigating the complex business environments of ASEAN's thriving economies.  

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