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Transforming Your Asia HR & Payroll Management: Selecting the Right Cloud-Based HR Solution for Your Company



An increasing number of companies are capitalizing on the advantages of using a cloud-based HR and payroll solution to help them with their employee management. With the right software, manual and redundant procedures can be optimized so that time can be refocused on higher value areas.  

However, for companies trying to manage this across multiple offices in different countries in Asia, it can be difficult to find a software that can fit all of their needs.  

To help companies understand the current innovation of HR system apps in Asia, and whether they might benefit from them, particularly given the new norms within a COVID-19 era, David Niu, HR & Payroll Senior Manager, explains how today’s HR and payroll system apps can address longstanding challenges most companies face. In addition, David goes through important factors to consider when selecting a software to ensure that it fits your company’s operational needs and show a live demo of Dezan Shira’s own HR solution - asiaadmin 

Key Topics: 

  • Things to know before choosing a multi-country payroll software for Asia 
  • Trends in payroll software post-Covid 
  • How to choose and implement a multi-country payroll software 
  • Live demo of Dezan Shira’s asiaadmin portal 
  • Tips for switching payroll software to streamline your HR work


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