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Shifting Tides: What’s Next for China, Vietnam, Singapore, and Hong Kong in 2021




Following Covid-19 and the Trade War, Asia's economy is surpassing expectations and recovering quickly.  

With a population of over 4.5 billion, the largest GDP in the world, and strong demand for high-quality products and services, Asia is an export powerhouse for many European and US businesses. 

Whether it is China's head start in economic recovery or Vietnam curtailing the spread of the pandemic - countries in Asia have been ahead of the curve and some still surprised the world with economic growth in 2020.  

On May 20, 2021, Marco Förster, International Business Advisory Manager, shared updates on the improving business environment and increasing scope of opportunities that China, Vietnam, Singapore, and Hong Kong offer to foreign investors.

Key topics

Overview and Country Comparisons (China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam)  

  • Country, trade agreements, and macroeconomic outlook 
  • Friends and foes: Diplomatic relations impacting business 
  • COVID-19 impact and response 
  • Economic forecasts 

Selecting your market for Entry  

  • Which country may be the next manufacturing hub: China or Vietnam? 
  • Who is expected to be the next financial center: Hong Kong or Singapore? 
  • Selecting Hong Kong or Singapore as a stepping stone to China / ASEAN? 

How to get started  

  • Advice for establishing a presence 
  • Advice for cross-border trade 


We hope you find the webinar helpful. Should you have any further concerns or questions when applying the solutions brought up in the webinar, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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