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Remotely Establishing Entities in Asia: China's Mainland vs. Hong Kong vs. Singapore




As most countries are putting Covid behind and business is returning to normal, there are a few exceptions. Regions like Mainland China and to a lesser extent, Hong Kong, are sticking to strict travel restrictions that make short term business trips to these territories almost impossible. Gone are the days of executives checking in on their operations in person every few months.

While the distance presents a challenge to running a company, what about establishing one?

International companies are attracted to the prospects of China - the world’s second largest economy with lots of unexplored potential and Hong Kong, which has been battered by the pandemic but still holds the third largest financial market in Asia. On the other hand, Singapore is standing out as “the world’s easiest country to do business in” in the booming Southeast Asian region and is arguably better positioned for foreign investors as a base for accessing Asia as a whole.

In this webinar, our International Business Advisory Managers Guilherme Campos and David Stepat are taking an in-depth look into the regulatory and legal environments in China’s Mainland and Hong Kong, and compare them to Singapore, and explore how to set up a company remotely, without being physically present.

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