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[Seminar] Navigating Data Compliance in Singapore and China: Insights for Multinational Businesses



This Hybrid Seminar is being organized jointly with the Central and Eastern Chamber of Commerce in Singapore and co-hosted by the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Singapore and the Central and Eastern European Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam.

Most are aware of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, as it is one of the most well-known and referenced data regulations worldwide. But what about other jurisdictions?

Singapore and China, crucial nodes of global commerce, have taken strong stances on how to treat data, whether collected and processed in-country or transferred across borders. This event will focus on data compliance-related developments of particular importance to businesses operating in Singapore and China. We will cover issues such as data security classifications, privacy architecture implementation, cross-border data transfer controls, as well as where the relevant laws and regulations of Singapore and China run parallel or diverge. Ultimately, attendees will receive actionable insights into approaching, understanding, and implementing solutions to these evolving concerns.

Nathaniel Rushforth, an experienced data security expert familiar with the requirements of data protection in markets like the US and China from Dezan Shira & Associates' Shanghai team, will discuss the key points of data compliance with two seasoned cybersecurity experts: IAPP board member Christopher Chew and Lanx Goh, Global Head of Privacy of Prudential.

What we will cover:

  • Overview of China’s PIPL (timeline, implementation, outlook)
  • Comparison Singapore’s & China’s data protection laws and how they interact
  • Applied Practices for Singaporean headquartered firms
  • How firms with headquarters in both countries can optimize and streamline processes
  • Q&As

If you want to attend this free seminar in person, please use this form to register. Please note that your attendance must be confirmed via E-Mail upon registration from our end, as we have limited hosting capabilities. We will inform you via E-Mail by Wednesday, 17th April on your registration status.

To attend online, please use the registration link here. 

If you already have questions, please contact julia.goeb@dezshira.com, Marketing Lead Singapore 



Nathaniel Rushforth | Senior Data Security & Compliance Consultant, Dezan Shira & Associates

Nathaniel Rushforth is the Senior Data Security & Compliance Consultant at Dezan Shira & Associates, located in Shanghai. He has a Juris Doctor degree and a bachelor’s in computer science. Before joining DSA, Nathaniel spent over ten years as a practicing lawyer, focusing on tech-related intellectual property, cybersecurity, and China-specific data compliance issues. His unique combination of computer engineering, software knowledge, and regulatory compliance expertise enables him to assist global companies in addressing and resolving compliance challenges related to their operations in China.


Christopher Chew | IAPP board member, Technical Leader, Cisco

With over 20 years of experience, is a seasoned expert in information security, data privacy, and digital transformation, he has held leadership roles across diverse sectors including Advertising & Media, Telecommunications, and Financial Services. As a Technical Leader at Cisco, Chris advises global teams on Mobile Communications, Cloud Security, and Digital Trust. He is a Fellow of Information Privacy, contributing to the IAPP's Asia and Privacy Engineering Section Advisory Boards. Additionally, Chris is affiliated with ISC2, PCI SSC, OWASP, Internet Society, M3AAWG, Future of Privacy Forum, and Singapore Computer Society. Passionate about promoting privacy and information security, he focuses on empowering organizations and individuals to safeguard their data and assets.


Lanx Goh | Global Head of Privacy, Prudential

An acclaimed expert in the field, having received the IAPP Vanguard Award and was named among the Top 10 Guardians of the Cyber Space by Cyber Express. Previously, served as the Data Privacy & Cybersecurity Senior Counsel at TikTok and as Head of Investigation at the Singapore Personal Data Protection Commission.
Holds academic roles as an Adjunct Associate Professor at the NUS and an Adjunct Lecturer at SMU, specializing in Privacy & Data Protection Law. Finally, Honorary Consul of Bulgaria to Singapore, Vice-President of the CEEC, and a Board Member of the International Association of Privacy Professionals.

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