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Investing and Doing Business in Vietnam - Key Sectors, FTAs, and FDI Opportunities in 2024



2023 proved challenging for the global economy, and Vietnam wasn't entirely shielded from its impact. While the country's GDP growth of 4.7% fell short of expectations due to reduced exports and dampened demand caused by global headwinds, strategic measures and favorable conditions position Vietnam for sustainable growth in 2024, promising to fulfill the auspicious prophecy of the Year of the Dragon.

Continued focus on domestic consumption, proactive reforms (including implementing the Global Minimum Tax), and low inflation create a resilient foundation for Vietnam's economic progress. Foreign direct investment (FDI) continues to flow into the country, fueled by impactful free trade agreements like the EVFTA and CPTPP. This influx, concentrated in sectors like energy, high-tech manufacturing, agriculture, and infrastructure, makes Vietnam a prime destination for building resilient supply chains and pursuing sustainable investment in 2024.

To help foreign businesses navigate the evolving Vietnamese FDI landscape and capitalize on emerging opportunities, Radomir Tomovic, Manager, International Business Advisory, will offer valuable insights and guidance for successful business development and expansion in the new year.

Our session will shed light on: 

  • Vietnam's Business Environment and Prospects
  • Setting Up and Operating a Business in Vietnam
  • Taxation Overview
  • Auditing and Accounting Compliance
  • Human Resources and Payroll

By attending this free session, foreign businesses can gain valuable insights and practical guidance to navigate the opportunities and challenges of Vietnam's dynamic business environment in 2024.

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