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India’s Manufacturing Landscape in 2024: Key Sectors, Challenges, Competitiveness, and Schemes



In the last few years, we have witnessed India's rise as a manufacturing hub, driven largely by government initiatives, infrastructure development, digital transformation, a young workforce, and geopolitical uncertainties.

Since 2014, the government has been promoting domestic manufacturing by streamlining administrative processes, introducing strategic policy initiatives, and reducing bureaucratic hurdles. These actions have attracted key global players across various industries, including electronics, white goods, semiconductors, etc., positioning India as a favourable investment hub and a reliable alternative in global supply chains.

Factors such as a large domestic market, lower costs for skilled and semi-skilled workforces, improving infrastructure, and geopolitical considerations have made India one of the top investment destinations for foreign manufacturing companies. However, foreign companies must understand the challenges as well as the opportunities that reside in India’s manufacturing industry to be able to establish their businesses and experience favourable growth in the country.

On March 13, Koushan Das, Manager - Business Intelligence, will share insights on India’s manufacturing landscape in 2024 and highlight the importance of the key and emerging sectors, competitiveness in Asia, the importance of MSMEs, and key industrial hubs in the country.

  • India’s Manufacturing Sector – growth, output, key schemes, exports, challenges.
  • Sector Analysis – key sectors, growth drivers, opportunities, capacity utilisation, major sectoral challenges, emerging sectors.
  • MSMEs in India – manufacturing share, policy support, challenges.
  • Competitiveness – manufacturing wages, labour force, global trade share, FDI.
  • Industrial Regions – key states, investment policies, sector strengths.

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