India: Economic Growth & Development – 5 Year Report Card



  • Associate, International Business Advisory
    Delhi Office

  • Title: India: Economic Growth & Development – 5 Year Report Card
  • Date: July 22nd, 2019

The World Bank has named India the fastest growing major economy. India's gross domestic product is forecasted to be nearly $1 trillion higher this year than it was in 2014.  As per several reports, India is on track to displace the United Kingdom from fifth spot this year on the list of the largest economies of the world. 

Foreign investors are quite bullish on India’s growth story and rightly so, as the current government’s incentives for foreing investors are quite attractive. 

In this episode of Asiapedia podcast, we discuss ‘How the Indian economy has performed in last five years?’ and the impact of government’s policies and initiatives on foreign investment in India.


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