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How to Achieve ESG Compliance in China Under the Dual-Carbon Strategy?


This is a bilingual webinar hosted in English and Chinese. Our speakers discuss:

  • Sustainability and Strategy

  • United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals SDGs - leading the upward development of corporate compliance

  • Necessity and feasibility of ESG (environmental, social, governance) work

  • How can companies avoid risks and gain benefits in the field of ESG

  • The world's top "Carbon Neutral Global Promotion Center" project organization as your development strategic partner


  • 可持续发展和策略
  • 联合国2030可持续发展目标SDGs——引领企业合规向上发展
  • ESG(环境、社会、治理)工作的必要性及可行性
  • 企业如何在ESG领域规避风险,获得收益
  • 邀请全球顶尖的“碳中和全球促进中心”项目成为企业的发展战略伙伴

As China increases its efforts to reduce emissions and transition to a green economy, improving ESG compliance, sustainability and green compliance technology will become even more important for companies operating in China. 


The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) defined the global vision and priorities for sustainable development by 2030 which aims to achieve a series of common goals with united effort from the whole world. The United Nations Member States unanimously adopted the Sustainable Development Goal 17, making it a global agenda for sustainable development.


So, how to understand ESG? What impact does it have on the market and the development of companies? Now that the dual-carbon and green sustainable development strategy are on the fast track, how should companies practice ESG and write good social responsibility reports?


Public Welfare Speakers / 公益演讲嘉宾:

Chen Bin, Deputy Secretary General of UNIDO Global Innovation Network Project Carbon Neutral Global Promotion Center Project, Founder of Global Plant-Based Sustainable Ecology Industrial Development project, and Experts in Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs), ESG, and Carbon Neutral areas.


Fan Qitong, Project Manager of UNIDO Global Innovation Network Project Shanghai Global Science and Technology Innovation Center. As one of the core team members successfully held the Fifth Global Science and Technology Innovation Conference, and the First Carbon Neutral Action Learning Conference.


This public welfare event is co-hosted by Dezan Shira & Associates and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) Global Innovation Network Project Carbon Neutral Global Promotion Center (Project), and is co-promoted by European Union Chamber of Commerce in China, Nanjing Chapter.


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