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Hong Kong vs. Singapore: A Comparison of Current Business Environments, Key Industries, and Regional Hub Potential




Singapore and Hong Kong have long been considered Asia’s top destinations for multinational corporations. Competing against one another on the World Bank’s global Ease of Doing Business Index, they rank enviably high in positions two and three, respectively.

Traditionally seen as the gateway to China’s mainland, Hong Kong has excelled because of its openness and straightforward legal system. However, the international business community's confidence has been shaken in the past few years.

Strategically located among emerging Southeast Asian markets, Singapore is well-positioned for businesses seeking to set up multiple offices there. Among other advantages, Singapore also has a highly skilled, English-speaking workforce. Yet, costs are high relative to its neighbors.

Both locations offer compelling conditions to foreign businesses, but which is the better choice for your company?

Join us on April 25th as Kyle Freeman, Partner at Dezan Shira & Associates, compares and contrasts Singapore and Hong Kong’s business climates, ease of doing business, key industries, risks, and potential as a regional hub.


  • Hong Kong vs. Singapore – which is the better choice?
    • Business climates
    • Ease of doing business: a comparison
    • Benefits for key industries
    • Risks
    • Regional hub potential

This webinar is free to attend. Please contact Holly McCleery with any questions. 

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