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Expatriates in India: Key Considerations and Opportunities



India is an increasingly favored destination for expatriates who want to work in emerging markets. Over the past decade, India’s rapidly growing infrastructure, industry, and services sectors have opened to greater foreign investments and the country now has major hubs for multinational corporations. This has created numerous employment opportunities for expatriates working in skilled and specialized roles in the country.

On December 21, Umair Ul Haque, part of the International Business Advisory team will host a webinar to discuss India’s economic outlook, market potential and highlight the key considerations for an expatriate planning to relocate to India and making the most out of the opportunities in the region.

Umair will cover the following topics in his presentation:

  • Indian Market – Economic Outlook and Market Potential
  • What is it like doing business with Indians?
  • Key Considerations for Expatriates relocating to India
  • What are the sectors in India with great potential and opportunities for expats?
  • Process of Applying for an Indian work Visa
  • FRRO Registration in India
  • Taxation for Expatriates
  • Social Security and Assistance for Expatriates

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