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Diversify Your Business to Indonesia – The Ins and Outs of Set Up




Even though Indonesia is one of the world's largest markets (16th) and one of the most populated (4th), it is still relatively unknown to many North American companies. However, diplomatic relations between Indonesia and the United States date back to 1949.

Fast forward to 2020, Indonesia became the US’s 24th largest goods trading partner with a total of $27.6 billion. Most recently, Indonesia has signed onto all four pillars of the US-led Indo-Pacific Economic Framework which intends to advance growth, fairness, and competitiveness through collaboration.

Indonesia may be a market US companies should now evaluate – or reevaluate – for both supply chain diversification and as a primary Asian market. Expanding industrial parks with tax incentives, an abundant, young population, and an ever-increasing consumer market (there are over 60 million in the middle class alone) are making Indonesia increasingly attractive for foreign investment as they move up the value chain.

In this 1st session of our Supply Chain Diversification series, Tsamaratul Qolbi of our Business Intelligence department in Jakarta joins us to discuss why, where, and how to set up in Indonesia, as well as to discuss what type of investment is permitted along with taxes and other costs involved with operating a business in Indonesia.

Topics to be covered:

• Why Indonesia
• How to set up a business in Indonesia
• Industries permitted for FDI companies in Indonesia
• General overview of tax and mandatory social security in Indonesia
• Where to start a business in Indonesia

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