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UK – India Tech Forum: COVID-19 and Tech Lessons from India



On May 20, Rohit Kapur, Managing Director of Dezan Shira & Associates, India discussed the impact of COVID-19 on India’s IT sector in a webinar hosted by techUK.

As businesses in UK and India come to terms with the challenges posed by COVID-19, the trade and economic relationship between the two countries is becoming increasingly important. Being one of the key inward investors in the UK and a rising technology giant, there is a lot to learn from India’s response to COVID-19.

During the webinar, Rohit highlighted the key challenges affecting individuals, businesses, and governments and how technology is playing a crucial role in supplying solutions.

View the webinar recording to learn: 

  • What is India’s response & what are important lessons for tech?
  • What is COVID19’s impact on the Indian tech market & global supply chains?
  • How are tech businesses supporting the crisis response?
  • What are the expectations for post COVID-19 recovery?
  • What is the outlook for UK-India tech relationship?

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