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China Outlook 13th Five Year Plan



In March 2016, the Chinese Central Government officially released the 13th Five-Year-Plan (FYP). This 13th FYP is China’s master policy blueprint in which the highest levels of the Chinese leadership set out the goals, principles and targets for China’s development in the next five years. Furthermore, it provides orientation for China’s economic and social development and points out the challenges and objectives on deepening reforms and strategies to welcome the “new era” of the Chinese economy. One of the key objectives is innovation and entrepreneurship, which will provide many new opportunities for EU innovative SMEs.

As the 13th FYP will have a significant impact in both China and abroad, foreign enterprises, especially EU SMEs, should have a closer look at the changes of the policy and regulatory environment, and understand the potential impact to your business operation in China.

The webinar will share with you the insights of China’s master plan for 2016-2021 and the future business opportunities for European SME businesses:

- The 13th Five-Year-Plan initiative
- Its background and major content
- The implications and opportunities for European SMEs

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