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Episode 3 and 4:The Ultimate Guide to China's Corporate Taxes 2021



Dezan Shira is proud to announce the launch of the all-new Limited Video Series, where our experts answer the most frequently asked questions on various areas of the Asian business environment.

The first series, "The Ultimate Guide to China's Corporate Taxes 2021", in collaboration with Daxue Consulting, is presented by Partner and tax expert Dezan Shira, Hannah Feng.

The new series will include six high-quality episodes being roughly 5 minutes each and will be available at the start of every week.

We would love to hear your ideas and thoughts. What questions are you struggling with while working with Asian markets? What topics, markets would you like our experts to explain in an easy-to-understand way?

Drop us a note and suggest the next topic using the contact button below with some questions and we will select the most interesting and frequent topics to explain. The winner will be also gifted with a certificate of Asia Briefing store credits worth $100.

The results will be announced in August, so please share your thought with us by July 31st.


Missed episode 1 and 2? Click here to watch!

Episode 3: What Common Mistakes, Misunderstanding or Misconceptions Do You Often See Regarding Taxes in China?

Hannah Feng covers common mistakes, misunderstandings, and misconceptions of China's corporate taxes in 2021.

  • Time spent on files and paying taxes in 2006 vs 2020.
  • Why is technology important to integrate into any business?
  • How long does tax registration take for a new business?
  • When closing your business, how long does tax clearance take?
  • The complexity of Fapiao management
  • Title: Episode 3 and 4:The Ultimate Guide to China's Corporate Taxes 2021
  • Date: May 31st, 2021

Episode 4: In China, How Often Should Corporate Income Taxes be Calculated and Paid? What Are the Brackets for Corporate Income Tax in China?

Hannah Feng explains how often corporate income taxes should be paid and calculated. 

  • Which companies classify as resident enterprises?
  • When do SMEs normally pay income tax?
  • When should annual tax returns be filed?
  • Who is liable for corporate income tax?
  • What are the brackets for corporate income tax?



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