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2024 China Overview: Planning for Compliance and Tax Optimization



As we reflect on the passing of 2023, companies are encouraged to proactively assess transactions that unfolded throughout the year and their implications on the 2023 tax provision, along with associated compliance requirements. Additionally, strategic considerations are essential to facilitate efficient tax planning for the upcoming year, 2024.

To assist companies in navigating the complexities of the new year and meeting various compliance deadlines, our Partner, Hannah Feng, will share valuable insights into the annual audit and corporate income tax compliance processes. She will delve into essential tips for success, drawing from the latest tax developments in China.

Key Highlights:

  • Overview of annual audit and compliance requirements, including timeframe
  • Procedures and tax implications related to dividend repatriation
  • New investment incentives in different regions
  • Fresh tax incentives tailored for SMEs and technology enterprises

This webinar is FREE of charge.

For any questions or concerns, please contact Freda CHEN, at freda.chen@dezshira.com. We look forward to having you join us in this webinar, and answering any questions you might have on the subject.


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