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Media Series: Breaking Asian Barriers - Opportunities for UK Business



On October 29th, Allan Xu, Manager of legal department at Dezan Shira & Associates, hosted a webinar organized by Pact UK providing an engaging overview of China’s media and entertainment industry at a webinar. The presenation for the webinar can be downloaded below. 

The media industry in China has rapidly developed and achieved significant economic success due to the reform of several policies, including FDI investment, over the past several decades.

Global media industries suffered a decline due to the Covid-19 outbreak and subsequent lockdowns since the end of January, also causing a domino negative effect to upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry. However, there are new opportunities that have emerged due to the epidemic that can spur the digital transformation of the media industry in China and improve technological innovation of both the online platforms and offline entities.

In this presentation, China Episode of “Media Series: Breaking Asian Barriers”, Allan provides an engaging overview of the media industry landscape in China, introduces opportunities for FDI in supporting sectors, the prevalent development trends, as well as the expected future trends and challenges in the sector.

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