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Investing in Vietnam 2021


2020 is a year that businesses are unlikely to forget due to the pandemic that disrupted global supply chains resulting in significant business losses. Nevertheless, Vietnam managed to achieve positive economic growth, recording an increase of 2.91% in GDP in 2020, and cements its position as one of the most stable destinations for investment in Asia.

Following the success of our Investing in Vietnam 2020 infographic, the 2021 edition offers a vivid understanding of the Vietnamese business environment in the 2020-21 period. It presents high-level data reflecting the performance of the Vietnamese economy in 2020, and provides updated insights into key aspects of doing business in Vietnam in 2021. Readers who would like to dive deeper into the topic, please refer to our publication An Introduction to Doing Business in Vietnam 2021 and Vietnam Briefing.

Investing in Vietnam 2021


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