VAT Reform is Coming: Is your business ready?

Qingdao, China | May 22, 2013


What's monumental, difficult to navigate, and coming this August? No, we're not talking about the crowds at Beer Festival, or Qingdao's annual algae flotilla. There is an impending tectonic shift on the minds of every businessperson dealing in international trade, as China prepares to implement reforms to the Value Added Tax schedule later this Summer.

For the many who have given up hope of ever cracking the Chinese tax code, 'reform' may sound like a new twist in an ornamental knot. But these changes have already been implemented in Beijing and Shanghai, and QIBA has booked an expert to come help us unravel the mystery.

Sabrina Zhang, CPA, is the Regional Partner at Dezan Shira & Associates Beijing Office and National Tax Partner will discuss China's existing tax systems and the impetus behind reforms, before describing the realities, challenges, and processes of the new system, and offering tips for businesses to deal with the VAT changes.

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