Trade Chat - Diversify Your Business to Vietnam: Why and How to Enter the Market

Webinar | Tuesday, July 25, 2023 | 11:00 AM EDT

A unique blend of disruptive world events over the past few years has strained the supply chains of SMEs and MNCs. Businesses are under pressure from stakeholders to diversify their supply chains to weather the next uncontrollable event.

An early winner of the Trade War, partly thanks to its proximity to other high-tech supply chains in Asia, Vietnam’s potential in the global value chain only continues to grow. It has remained a ‘bright spot’ in today’s volatile market as one of the fastest-growing economies in Southeast Asia with an 8% growth rate last year. 

Just 28 years after normalizing trade relations, the US and Vietnam have become strong trade partners with bilateral trade exceeding $138 billion in 2022. That the US was the largest buyer of Vietnamese products last year further underscores how critical the Vietnamese supply chain is becoming to the US.

In this webinar, hosted by WTC Kentucky, the Head of the Vietnamese Trade Office in San Francisco, Mr. Thang Tran, and Partner at Dezan Shira & Associates, Mr. Kyle Freeman, will discuss why, how, and where to set up in Vietnam for businesses looking to diversify their supply chain.

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