New Practices of Compensation Incentive and Legal Interpretation

Shanghai, China | 7th August 2019 | 1 PM – 5PM CST

On 7th August 2019, Dezan Shira & Associates will deliver a speech during Sinoval Consulting’s new HR & payroll book launch sharing workshop in Shanghai.


Nowadays, the enterprises are facing the environment that economic growth is slowing down. This requires enterprises to move from external growth to lean operation, which means focusing on the efficient integration of internal resources, especially the breakthrough of human capital efficiency.

In a VUCA era, the rise and fall of the giants could happen within a short time. The sharp contrast between the rise of the OFO in a dark horse style and the current ‘return deposit’ crisis presents great uncertainty in the development of the enterprise. What our common challenge is to build a dynamic and differentiated performance and compensation incentive system to stimulate the internal motivation of organizations and individuals, then strengthen the resilience of enterprises, thereby achieve counter-cyclical growth.

This sharing workshop aims to focus on the topic of talent motivation to help enterprises enhance the incentive effect and human capital efficiency and promote to achieve the corporate strategic goals through sharing systematic methodologies and cases of compensation, performance and motivation.

During the workshop, you will be able to learn:

  • Incentives: Senior Experts in Compensation and Performance
  • Frontier: Focusing on Thinking and Exploring theFrontier of Management Change
  • Cases Sharing: Summed up in Consulting Cases and Successful Practices of Well-Known Companies
  • Practical Tools: Systematic Methods and Tools that Fall into Practice
  • New Book’s Essence Content Sharing

13:00-13:30  Registration
13:30-13:40  Opening Remark
13:40-14:40  Presentation: 关于员工薪酬的法律适用及热点问题解析/ Legal Application and Hot Topics Analysis in Relation to Employees Payroll(by Allan Xu, Business Advisory Services Manager, Dezan Shira & Associates)
14:40-15:00  Tea Break & Communication
15:00-16:30  Presentation: 突破人效困境的薪酬激励新实战/ New Practices of Compensation Incentive which Breaking Through People Efficiency Dilemma( by Sun Xiaoping,  Founding Partner, Sinoval Consulting’s)
16:30-17:00  New Book Signing Session


A payment is required for this event. Price rate: RMB 128 per person


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