The Economist China Summit

Beijing, China | November 02-03, 2010

Organized by Economist Conferences, the China Summit draws together a broad range of business leaders, politicians, policy-makers and academics to debate and discuss these critical questions. With The Economist’s characteristic clarity and wit, and a passion for overturning dogma, the forum offers fresh and challenging perspectives on the role, risks and opportunities of China in a post-crisis world.

Topics for discussion include:

  • How have China’s ambitions changed? What new policies will the government use to achieve them?
  • The world’s most exciting economy? China’s economy continues to power forward – how might the nature of growth and economic activity in the country change?
  • Does increasing influence upset “the peaceful rise”? Will China become a more vocal player on the international stage?
  • Economic pragmatist or political ideologue: what does China stand for?
  • Will China grow old before it grows rich? What is the outlook for the Chinese consumer over the next 20 years?
  • Will urbanization in China be a positive experience?
  • The China opportunity: exciting or exasperating? How level is the playing field for foreign businesses, private Chinese firms, and state-owned enterprises?
  • China’s dynamic private sector: Chinese firms have learnt much from Western businesses. What can the West, in turn, learn from China’s emerging corporate giants?
  • Pirate or pioneer: fostering innovation in China
  • Governance and China's evolving relationship with its citizens: How will China’s systems evolve?

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