Startup Expo and Business Summit 2024

Business Summit | New Delhi, India

Naina Bhardwaj, International Business Advisor, is invited and set to speak at Biz Opp's Startup Expo and Summit scheduled on 24 February 2024. This esteemed event will bring together the best of global and experts consisting of Government Leaders, Policy Makers, Thought Leaders, Startups, Investors, Incubators, Innovators, Industry Captains and others. The Startup 2024 – Expo & Summit is structured for a 360-degree understanding of Startup ecosystem with a view to derive actionable recommendations for consolidating gains made during the journey of the Startup initiative and building further upon these foundations for seeking desirable objectives.

As a guest speaker and panelist, Naina will share her insights and expertise on the topic titled 'The Global Impact of Startups in India' and discuss how the country is emerging as the top global startup hub. Her involvement promises a wealth of knowledge and a valuable contribution to the dialogue surrounding entrepreneurship and innovation. 

Join us at the summit to be a part of this transformative event that will shape the future of India's startup ecosystem.

For expert guidance on how to propel your business towards success, you can reach out to Naina here.

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