Personal Data Protection and Network Security Measures for Companies in the Greater Bay Area - Legal and IT Considerations

Seminar |Thursday 22 Oct | 2:00PM - 4:30 PM | Zhong Lun Law Firm Guangzhou Office

Personal data protection, privacy rights, and network and cybersecurity have become increasingly important issues to pay attention to in China due to recent regulatory changes and compliance requirements.

Following the enactment of China’s Cyber Security Law on 1 June 2017, China has undergone rapid development in regards to its data privacy and cybersecurity legal framework, with legislators continuously introducing new laws and regulations, including most recently China’s first Civil Code (which was issued on 28 May 2020, and will come into force on 1 January 2021), as well as a draft Data Security Law (which was issued for public comment on 3 July 2020).

Furthermore, the authorities have recently stepped up enforcement by conducting a number of campaigns and investigations in relation to personal data protection breaches, directed in particular at mobile App operators. While the regulatory changes are bringing China more in line with international standards with regards to data privacy and cybersecurity, it has also meant that companies operating in China are at greater risk of non-compliance.

Companies in China are therefore starting to form internal company policies on data privacy, cybersecurity, and data leakages, as well as introduce or improve their IT systems and measures to ensure strong network security and prevent the disclosure or leakage of data.

Join The British Chamber of Commerce Guangdong and Australian Chamber of Commerce South China, in collaboration with Zhong Lun Law Firm and Dezan Shira & Associates, for an upcoming seminar on personal data protection and network security measures for companies in the Greater Bay Area – from both a legal and IT perspective.

What you would learn from this seminar : 

Zhong Lun Law Firm’s and Dezan Shira & Associates’ presentations will include, but are not limited to, the following content:

Zhong Lun Law Firm:

  • Personal Data Protection Laws and Regulations

  • Legal Obligations of Data Controllers

  • Individual Rights of Data Subjects

  • Forming Company Policies on Personal Data Protection

  • Privacy Policy

  • Employee Monitoring

  • Collecting Personal Data via Apps

  • What to do in a Data Breach

  • Restrictions on Electronic Marketing

  • Data Localization and Cross-Border Data Transfer

  • Outlook and Developments

Dezan Shira & Associates:

  • Basic Data Security Concept

  • Data Life-Cycle and Related Privacy Risks

  • Traditional Security Model vs Modern Security Model

  • Privacy by Default and Privacy by Design

  • How to Perform Data Classification and Information Protection

  • Data Privacy Impact Assessment

  • Technical Measures for Data Security

  • Organizational Measures for Data Security

Following the presentations, there will be time for Q&A, food and drink, and networking

Price: RMB80 for Members/ RMB 250 for Non-Members

To Register, please contact Echo Ji at 

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