Partner, Adam Livermore to present at 2014 Emerging Trends in Industrial Property Symposium

Dalian, China | November 20, 2014

As the Chinese economy becomes more sophisticated, urbanization plays a significant role in the emergence of industrial property as a targeted real estate investment asset class. While older industrial sites may not be ready for redevelopment today, many investors believe that in the long-term, these will be viable locations with a clear “exit.” On the other hand, end-users are increasingly interested in disposing of balance sheet assets and recycling this capital back into their domestic businesses while investors simultaneously seek stable cash flow. Thus industrial property is emerging as an institutionally viable asset class. 

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Event Info

Nov 20, 2014
Location & Time Dalian, China | November 20, 2014
VENUES Grand Hyatt Dalian No.33, C3 Zone, Xinghai Square, Sha He Kou District, Dalian
大连君悦酒店 大连市沙河口区星海广场C3区33号