Major Investment Destinations in India

Webinar | 11 AM PST / 2 PM EST

India is one of the most favorable destinations for foreign direct investments in the world. The country with its huge market presents near endless opportunities to investors.

However, every state in India has a unique profile that presents challenges and opportunities to any foreign investor examining the country for expansion.

On December 10th, Business Intelligence Assistant Manager Koushan Das will discuss the major investment destinations in India and highlight the relevance of a state based market entry approach to India.

Instead of treating the country as a uniform landscape, companies need to target specific regions and have a focussed approach that suits their business needs.

During the webinar, Koushan will compare the profiles of major FDI receiving states – Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu on following parameters:

  • Governance and Political Climate
  • Economic Performance
  • Infrastructure
  • Major Industries and Investments Areas

Join us in this webinar to get a bird eye’s view of major FDI destinations in India and learn how one state differs from another from investment point of view.


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