Investment Opportunities in Mongolia

Beijing, China | March 23, 2011

This event will analyze the emerging investment climate taking place in Mongolia as a result of the massive mineral reserves and wealth found in the country. Prompted by the recent governmental reforms discussed at the Mongolia Economic Forum held at the beginning of the month in Ulaan Baatar, this event will showcase investment opportunities and challenges in Mongolia, including mining, in addition to new secondary industries. The event will provide an introduction to the “Wolf Economy”, as well as an overview of the applicable legal and tax regulations.

Discussion topics include:

  • Mongolia’s new found wealth – the implications;
  • GDP growth forecasts;
  • Mongolian risk, legal, and tax reforms;
  • Managing Mongolia’s wealth;
  • Opportunities for foreign investors .

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Event Info

Mar 23, 2011

Location & Time

Beijing, China | March 23, 2011


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