Doing Business in China: HR Audit, Compliance, and Risk Avoidance in the Hiring Process

Beijing l November 7, 2019 l 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

On November 7th, David Niu, Human Resources Senior Manager, and Ellen Yin, Human Resources Assistant Manager, will share their insights on HR audits and potential risks in the hiring process. 

For companies doing business in China, HR is an important process.  Those who do not keep up with the ever-evolving rules and regulations regarding HR may leave themselves open to possible operational and legal risks. Join us for this seminar with SwedCham Beijing as David and Ellen share their insights into HR audit and potential risks in the hiring process.

What will be discussed?

HR Audit

Like a finance audit, an HR audit is an independent and objective evaluation of the current state of an organization's HR policies, practices, documentation, and systems.

An HR audit can alert a company about hidden HR-related problems and errors, as well as possible compliance issues against a backdrop of China's ever-evolving rules and regulations. This can allow an organization to establish best practices, thereby protecting it against possible operational and legal risk.

Recruitment Risk Avoidance

For companies looking to hire new talent, it is important to make sure that they are compliant and up to date with the local labor laws. 

Recruitment is not just a simple 'matching game' to choose the right candidates. Many companies don’t recognise the legal risks they may face during the hiring procedure.  As a result, many common practices are not appropriate or compliant with local labour laws, which leave companies open to risks.


Registration Details

This event is hosted by SwedCham Beijing.

More information and regstration details to be posted at a later date. 


  • Senior Manager, Human Resources
    Beijing Office
  • Assistant Manager, Human Resources
    Shanghai Office

Event Info

Nov 07, 2019
Location & Time Beijing l November 7, 2019 l 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM