Decoding China’s 2024 Two Sessions: Takeaways for Businesses - China Time Zone

Webinar | Thursday, March 28, 2024 | 9:00 AM Brussels / 4:00 PM China

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The Two Sessions, or Lianghui (两会), are annual behind-closed-door meetings of China’s major political bodies. They often reveal goals and the policy direction the Chinese government will pursue in the next year, making them a highly watched event among foreign businesses and governments.  

Commencing on March 4th, this year’s sessions occur amid an uneven post-Covid recovery. Businesses will hope to see policies and directives addressing ongoing domestic economic concerns. Furthermore, with the contraction of foreign investment last year, foreign businesses will also be interested in what the government plans for market access, among other concerns within the international community. 

Join us for a concise 30-minute webinar on March 28th, where Kyle Freeman, Partner, will recap the 2024 Two Sessions and analyze key takeaways for businesses. 

Topics we will monitor and will address in this discussion include: 

  • Policies aimed toward supporting the 5% GDP growth rate goal for 2024  
  • Substantive measures to increase foreign investment, which was down in 2023, and foreign business confidence 
  • Stimulus or other policies aimed at boosting domestic demand 

This webinar is free to attend. Please note this is a rebroadcast of a US time zone event. To attend in the US time zone on March 22, please register here. Please contact Freda Chen with any questions. 

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