Comparing Premier Sourcing Destinations in Asia to Help Formulate Your Global Sourcing Strategy

Shanghai, China | September 17, 2014

Richard Cant, regional director of Dezan Shira & Associates' Shanghai Office, will present tot he Consulate General of Ecuador on September 17. 

As strong commercial and manufacturing hubs develop across the ASEAN region, businesses are beginning to look towards alternative sourcing destinations to China. Richard will provide a preview of what setting up various sourcing platforms (ROs, IPOs, trading offices etc.) in different Asian cities entails, the taxes involved and what other variables there are to consider. Lastly Richard will review the ASEAN FTAs and discuss how the FTAs will affect doing business in these cities.

As labor costs in China continue to rise, brands are retailers are increasingly looking to diversify their suppliers base to other sourcing locations in Asia, creating ever more complex and risky supply chains. This event will be packed with the latest practices, cost-cutting strategies, innovative processes and ideas, and risk-mitigation approaches for your "beyond China" global sourcing efforts in Asia.

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