After Work Social Networking Event: Canapes, Drinks and the China Plus One Diversification Strategy with Riccardo Benussi and David Stepat

Networking Social | Wednesday, November 16, 2022 | 6:00 PM | Singapore

Dezan Shira and Associates Singapore invites you to join us for a relaxed evening of canapes, drinks, and stellar conversation in the Singapore CBD.

Meet with Riccardo Benussi, Director for Europe, and David Stepat, Senior Business Advisory Manager, as they give a short-but-sweet presentation on the 2023 economic outlook in China and ASEAN.

With the pandemic recovery in full swing in South-East Asia, many ASEAN nations are recording pre-pandemic levels of economic growth while China just had the 20th CPC Congress that outlined the country’s policies for the next 5 years and the outlook on foreign trade relations and investment.

As the global economy is hit by increasing labour costs, Covid-related supply chain disruptions and the Sino-US trade war, international companies are pursuing a “China Plus One” diversification strategy. At the same time, companies already present in China are doubling down on their investments with high levels of FDI flowing into the country. What does that mean for your business? 

There'll be plenty of time for questions and conversations with experts and stakeholders from a range of industries following the talk. So, join us and get a better grasp of the business landscape in China and ASEAN.


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