Senior Associate, Business Advisory Service

Location: China, Shanghai
Function: Business Advisory Services
Role: Associate

Full time

主要职责:(基本功能)Principal Responsibilities:(Essential Functions) 

  • 从法律的角度,为在上海、江苏和浙江的外商直接投资架构提供建议;

Advising on Foreign Direct Investment structures in regions of Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang from the legal perspective;

  • 独立处理外商投资企业的设立、变更和注销(例如WFOE、FICE、JV、RO、分支机构等);

Dealing with incorporation, alteration and de-registration of Foreign Invested Enterprises (e.g. WFOE, FICE, JV, RO, Branches, etc.) independently;

  • 带领团队完成合并和收购项目及尽职调查;

Leading Merger & Acquisition projects and due diligence investigations within a team;

  • 起草和审阅与外国直接投资有关的各种协议及合同;

Drafting and reviewing a variety of agreements/contracts relating to Foreign Direct Investment;

  • 协助代表外国投资者进行商务谈判;

Assisting in commercial negotiations on behalf of foreign investors;

  • 解决外商投资企业在当地政府部门遇到的问题;

Solving problems encountered at local government authorities for Foreign Invested Enterprises;

  • 处理与劳动相关的问题和纠纷;

Dealing with labor related matters and disputes;

  • 在中外合资(合作)争端解决中给出建议;

Advising on sino-foreign disputes settlement;

  • 处理知识产权项目,如商标注册和复议,专利注册、知识产权战略分析;

Handling IP projects, e.g. trademark registration and appeal, patent registration, IPR strategies;

  • 对于上述事项,向部门初级顾问提供指导;

Providing guidance to Junior Associates of the Division on the matters stated above;

  • 就外商直接投资所涉及的各种行业进行法律研究;

Conducting legal research in various industries relevant to foreign investment in China;

  • 协助部门经理进行团队管理和客户维护;

Assisting the Manager of the division with team management and clients maintenance;

  • 能够对外商投资企业的税收结构提供初步建议;

Being able to provide preliminary advice on tax structure for Foreign Invested Enterprises;

  • 协助业务开发部门进行业务开发及推广;

Assisting the Business Development Division with company and business promotion;


工作要求Job Requirements: 


  • 在公司法及外商投资相关法律发面具有扎实的法律知识;

Solid legal knowledge on corporate laws and foreign investment related legislations;

  • 精通英语阅读、口语、写作和听力;

High proficiency in English language in aspects of reading, speaking, writing and listening;

  • 具有积极、灵活的解决问题能力,及以客户为中心的态度;

Pro-active, problem solving, flexible and customer-oriented attitude;

  • 熟悉操作电脑办公软件和通过互联网搜集信息;

Good knowledge of operating PCs, MS Office software and performing internet searches;

  • 工作主动性强,具有团队合作精神,并且能独立工作和承受压力;

Strong initiative, team spirit and is able to work independently and under stress;

  • 专业成熟的举止;

Professional and mature demeanor;

  • 能够与说英文的客户进行清楚有效的书面及口头沟通;

Able to write and speak clearly and effectively with English-speaking business leaders;

  • 愿意协助进行业务开发;

Willing to assist in the sale of professional services;

  • 愿意培训及监督初级顾问。

Willing and able to teach and mentor junior legal staff. 


教育背景Educational Background  

  • 法律硕士学位或以上学历

Master’s Degree in Law or above 

  • 通过国家司法考试

PRC law qualified;



  • 3 - 4年相关领域工作经验,有国际律师事务所、中国著名的律师事务所或跨国企业的法律部门工作经验优先;

3-4 years working experience in the related fields, preferably in international law firms, prestigious Chinese law firms or legal division of multi-national enterprises.