Project Accountant

Location: China, Shanghai
Function: Corporate Accounting Services
Role: Associate

Full time

Principal Responsibilities: (Essential Functions)

You are responsible for the following work for DSA SH office and ROs under DSA SH, including but not limit as:

- Client information management: review new customer request and supplement necessary customer information that sync from CRM, maintain &update client information in a timely manner.

- Project management: client proposal filing and management, maintain ERP project module, including create new project, input expense journals, create invoice proposal, adjust invoice proposal based on project manager’s comments, create client invoice etc.  

- Follow up the sending status of client invoice and account receivable in a timely manner.

- Customer advance management: issue prepayment invoice to client, follow up the offset and carryout of prepayment, and inform the relevant departments in time.

- Taking the role of coordinator when deal with cross department and cross office projects, communicate with multiple department consultants, make sure the cross-office revenue and cost is allocated in a reasonable and accurate way.

- Review ERP revenue report on a monthly basis, analyze and feedback significant change of revenue in a timely manner, support department manager to complete the revenue and project cost budget, report the gap between actual & budget figure to managers timely, generate and update project analysis report in ERP system and send to management team periodically.

- Clear finished or terminated project and pending OPE on a quarterly basis.

- Project outsource expense management: submit outsource demand in project module, complete the purchase procedure of outsource projects, follow up the outsource works, summarize and analyze outsource CPA firm cost periodically, complete the payment request of outsource expense.

- Support project manager to follow up the timesheet management, check the completeness of timesheet on a monthly basis.

- Figure out and feedback ERP issues or procedures arising from daily project management in a proactive manger, seek for solutions in a timely manner by communicate with project managers, consultants and IT department.

- Other ad hoc finance jobs assigned by Finance supervisor.

Job Requirements


- Excellent communication ability and ability to coordinate cross department colleagues.

- Strong executive capacity be able to feedback immediately, good working efficiency

- Good spoken and written English and Mandarin

- Reliable and prudent, good team worker;

- Familiar with ERP systems and experience in K3 Software is preferred


Educational Background 

- College/above degree, major in accounting or financial management is preferred.

- Possession of P.R.C certificate of accounting professional,junior /intermediate accounting qualification is preferred



 - 1 year full-time related working experience in the field of finance, project management

 - People with less working experience but has good spoken & written English, good communication skill and strong responsibilities is welcome as well.

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