Junior Associate, Business Advisory Service

Location: China, Shanghai
Function: Business Advisory Services
Role: Associate

Full time

主要职责:(基本功能)Principal Responsibilities:(Essential Functions) 

  • 就外商投资涉及的各类行业进行法律研究

Conducting legal research in various industries relevant to foreign investment in China; 

  • 在上海、江苏及浙江范围内就外商直接投资项目给出意见

Advising on Foreign Direct Investment structures in regions of Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang from the legal perspective; 

  • 在高级顾问的指导下处理外商投资企业(如外商独资企业,外商投资商业性公司、合资企业、代表处、分支机构等)设立、变更、注销等事宜

Dealing with incorporation, alteration and de-registration of Foreign Invested Enterprises (e.g. WFOE, FICE, JV, RO, Branches, etc.) under Senior Associate’s instruction; 

  • 与政府部门联络了解当地的政策和实践要求

Liaison with governmental authorities to understand local policy and practice; 

  • 在高级顾问和部门经理的指导下,提供外商直接投资相关的顾问服务(如劳动事宜、合同事宜)

Provide FDI related advisory services (e.g. labor issues, contract issues etc) under the supervision of Senior Associate or Department Manager; 

  • 负责处理知识产权项目,如商标注册,申诉,专利注册等

Handle IP projects, e.g. trademark registration and appeal, patent registration etc. 

  • 其他分配的工作

Other work as assigned.


工作要求Job Requirements: 



  • 扎实的法律知识,特别是在公司法及外商投资相关法律法规方面

Solid legal knowledge on corporate laws and foreign investment related legislations; 

  • 流利的中英文写作和口语能力

Fluent in both spoken and written English and Mandarin 

  • 具有良好的敬业精神和团队合作精神;

Professional attitude and good team player 


教育背景Educational Background  

  • 法学专业,大学本科或以上学历

Bachelor Degree or above, major in law 

  • 通过国家司法考试

PRC law qualified;



  • 至少一年外商直接投资领域的工作经验,若有在律师事务所或咨询公司工作经验者优先考虑

At least 1 year working experience in FDI, preferably working experience in law firm or consulting firm.