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Project details

British biomedicine company seeks Chinese Partner.

Project region Britain
Industry Healthcare
Total value of the target N/A
Expected target net rate of return after deducting all taxes and fees N/A
Validity period of pending order 365


  • Simon Laube

    Simon Laube

    Assistant Manager, International Business Advisory

Project highlights To be confirmed
Project description

The firm is a Contract Manufacture Organization (CMO) headquartered in the UK, manufacturing and sterile filling bottles for clinical trials and small volume commercial supply. The company was founded in 2011, has sales offices in Boston, the United States. The turnover in 2019 exceeded USD 10 million, and the EBITDA in 2019 exceeded about USD 1.4 million. Core business: sterile production, analysis and microbiological testing, clinical trial services, (CTS): labeling and packaging, release of qualified personnel (QP). The company specializes in production of liquid, lyophilized powder, cytotoxicity, chemical and biopharmaceutical products, including lyophilized powder or liquid, biological agents (peptides, proteins, antibodies, nucleic acids), small molecules and efficient cytotoxins. It has professional facilities: two dust-free rooms with freeze dryer and special cytotoxic and non cytotoxic clean rooms. Test capability: release test, including HPLC, SDS PAGE, ELISA, microbial detection - sterility and endotoxin, etc.

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