Dezan Shira & Associates: 30 Years in the Making

In 2022, Dezan Shira & Associates is marking 30 years since our founding by producing a short monthly video that tells our story from the very beginning in China. Today, Dezan Shira & Associates is a MNC advisory firm with offices throughout Asia.

Every month, we feature one of Dezan Shira's Equity Partners, together with various on the ground regional staff, partners and guests, as they recall and discuss the firm's history-to-present-day story, and on-the-ground issues that the firm faced in its overall development, from a small start-up, to becoming a major player in today's thriving and rapidly developing Asia.

Watch the series to learn SME tips about doing business in Asia and expanding into new markets on a tight budget, including the challenges to overcome, how to define which opportunities make sense, and what it takes to succeed.

Hosted by Gary Shaben, Director of Group Marketing, for Asia Briefing Ltd. and Dezan Shira & Associates.



Chapter 5

Why Dezan Shira Expanded Into Vietnam Early On

Chris Devonshire-Ellis explains how and why Vietnam was chosen by the firm for its next market to enter more than a decade ago. Alberto Vettoretti explains the opportunity drivers behind the firm and its clients expansion into Vietnam, and Filippo Bortoletti, discusses tips on doing business in Vietnam, its positive economic outlook and some specific opportunities for foreign investors in the market.

Chapter 4

Moves into India

How Dezan Shira & Associates made the transition from being a China practice to set up in India in 2009, the management decisions taken to support that, the India evaluation processes, and an overview of the India market today. Of interest to any executive looking to relocate part of their business to India.

Chapter 3

Staff Recruitment & Talent Retention

Dezan Shira's Chairman and Managing Partner each discuss developing a positive corporate and workplace culture, fostering loyalty and staff retention, tips for attracting and developing employees, together with an overview of today's market opportunities in China.

Chapter 2

How Dezan Shira Got Its Name and Developing An Asian Work Culture

Asian work practices are different than those in the West and more stylized. We discuss how to prepare Western executives for handling and motivating Asia and Asian-based staff and the opportunities across the region.

Chapter 1

How and Why Dezan Shira Began In 1992 and the First Principles Of Success

In the first chapter of this series, Chairman Chris Devonshire-Ellis, speaks about the firms' founding in China in 1992, developing a marketing strategy, attracting clients, as well as starting a business overseas. A fascinating glimpse into China in the early 1990's.

Looking for More?

Stay tuned for our continuing chapters throughout 2022, with new episodes being recorded each month from January through December 2022.

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