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Asia - North Asia & China: China

Israeli dairy cow feed R&D firm seeks USD 5 M investment and JV partner for expansion in China

The Israeli R&D team developed a unique technology to double the amount of protein in dairy cow feed, which results in higher fat and protein content in the milk. The feed may also be designed to improve reproductive health and can contain additional nutrients and minerals that support overall cow health, including immune function, bone health, and digestive health. It is organic and grown indoors on vertically stacked shelfs, making it independent of climate impacts and save from insects, improving feed security. The facility can produce on 1 M of indoor space what traditionally requires 500 M of agricultural land and saves up to 95% on water. An investment of USD 5 million will support a 6,000 sqm indoor facility, producing 50 to 60 tons per day, which can feed 1,500 dairy cows. ROI break-even is expected in 3 years. The company is in the process of scaling in the US and seeks to bring the technology to China, which has a market size of 6.5 million dairy cows but is importing most of livestock feed, since high quality feed and agricultural land is scarce.
Asia: Singapore

Singaporean held Organic Fish-Based Fertilizer Manufacturer Seeking Investor for Scaling

The company is a producer of processed seafood and organic fish-based fertilizers in used for land-based farming. The holding is located in Singapore with a production subsidiary in Malaysia. Pilot projects have shown rice farming output to double and even triple compared to respective output benchmarks using chemical fertilizers. Target markets are widespread with current supply to Malaysia, Brunei, Nigeria, and China. To grow the fertilizer business the company intends to sell a minority stake of 20% to 30% to a strategic investor.
Europe: Portugal

Portuguese Fishing and Bait Company for sale - Acquisition of a Portugal firm

Company with 5 stores in the south of Portugal with an excellent strategic location.
Asia - ASEAN: Singapore

7-15% returns securitized bond investment opportunity in Singaporendonesia oil palm plantation longterm offtake agreement - Seeking Investment by Singapore firm

This is a longterm promissory note bond based investment opportunity, to raise funds to operate the ongoing management and harvesting of the oil palm plantation for longterm off-take.  


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