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The End of China’s Zero-Covid Policy: What’s Next?


After nearly three years, China’s zero-Covid policy is over.

Towards the end of 2022, China’s government made a complete and abrupt reversal of all Covid-prevention measures that have been in effect since 2020. By January 8, 2023, all travel restrictions were lifted enabling international tourism, family reunification, and business travel.

While great news for most businesses – AmCham’s Flash Business Survey from May 2022 revealed 52% of businesses have delayed or decreased investment due to restrictions and 100% have been impacted – it may take some time for things to return to normal. Omicron is spreading through the general population like wildfire impacting production, logistics, consumption, and the health care system.

In this panel discussion on China’s current Covid-19 situation, our panelist experts will comment on the state of restrictions – or lack thereof, the reality on the ground for businesses, and speculate on what we will see with China’s reopening in 2023.

- Kyle Freeman, Partner (Moderator)
- Guilherme Campos, Manager, Shenzhen
- Simon Laube, Senior Associate, Shanghai

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