Opportunities in Emerging Asia presented by Chris Devonshire-Ellis


  • Chris Devonshire-Ellis

    Country of Origin: Great Britain
    Title: Chairman
    Department: Operations
    Office: Singapore Office

  • Title: Opportunities in Emerging Asia presented by Chris Devonshire-Ellis
  • Date: March 26th, 2012

Dezan Shira & Associates' founder Chris Devonshire-Ellis compares the cost of doing business in China, India and ASEAN. He talks about staying compliment in the Chinese and ASEAN markets and discusses recent regulatory changes, including financial and due diligence issues affecting US companies interested in expanding into China and ASEAN. 


  • • Introduction to Dezan Shira & Associates

    • A Changing China
    -Economy out of balance
    -Lewisian turning point
    -US-Sino trade

    • Manufacturing Cost Dynamics
    -‘Unit Price’ model changing to ‘Supply Price’ model
    -Future China Demographics

    • ASEAN
    -Diversifying from China to ASEAN
    -ASEAN as Asia Summary

    • China vs. India Comparisons
    -Very similar
    -‘Made in China’ will shift to ‘Made in India’

    • Regional Comparisons
    -China vs. Vietnam Establishment
    -China vs. India Establishment

    • Cost Comparisons: India, China and Vietnam
    -Opening Dongguan
    -Opening Chennai
    -Opening Ho Chi Minh City

    • Practical Considerations

    • Suggested Structure

    • Introduction to Asia Briefing

    • Questions and Answers


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