Managing ASEAN Expansion from Singapore


  • Richard Cant , Alumna

    Country of Origin: Australia
    Title: Director
    Department: Operations
    Office: Boston Office

  • Title: Managing ASEAN Expansion from Singapore
  • Date: May 30th, 2016

Richard Cant, the Director of Dezan Shira & Associates North America, takes a look at the benefits of using Singapore a hub for management of regional operations throughout ASEAN.  In this podcast, he discusses ASEAN's position as the new investment hotbed, the most popular entry strategies and most favorable holding company destinations for investors aiming to enter the ASEAN market. After that, he goes more in-depth into the procedures of actually setting up an entity in Singapore and qualifying for the preferential tax treatment.


Download our ASEAN Briefing magazine: Managing ASEAN Expansion from Singapore for more information.


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