What characterizes the Indian business environment and working culture?

Published on: March 2017

India’s business etiquette includes a mixture  of Western and Eastern practices, but  local customs do permeate relationships. The concept of hierarchy between management levels is widely accepted and respected in the workplace. This is also mirrored in business interactions between foreign and local companies. Being careful and respectful of each other’s roles and expertise may make a  difference when starting negotiations.

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    In this issue of India Briefing Magazine, we look at India’s living and working environment, HR and payroll laws, and the taxation norms as applicable to foreign nationals. India is the second most favored destination for expatriates that want to work in the emerging markets. Expatriates should take note of the basic social and welfare concerns – such as accommodation, business culture, healthcare, and education facilities – as well as the regulatory and tax issues that apply to foreigners that work in the country.

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