New Resource for US and Canadian Investors in Asia

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As part of a Dezan Shira & Associates’ expansion to the North American market, the North American Desk is pleased to announce the launch of Investing in Asia for North American Businesses.

A platform for business owners and managers, this LinkedIn Group provides a space for investors in the region to share experiences, challenges and concerns, get important updates and ask questions of others who might have had similar experiences.

A discussion-based group, it is moderated by the Dezan Shira North American Desk.

Join the conversation here:
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Fast-Paced Environments Require Up-to-date Information

The emerging Asian markets are highly diverse and offer amazing opportunities to investors willing to tackle the challenges of rapid evolution and developing markets. According to the IMF in Real GDP Growth, India and Bangladesh have a growth rate of 7.3%, China 6.3%, Vietnam 6.5%, and Philippines 6.5%, to name a few. Compared to 2.3% of the US and 0.8% in Germany.

“Challenges such as language barriers in government documents and related resources can make navigating these emerging markets’ regulations and compliance tricky, especially since they change so quickly.

That’s why business resources such as this group, among Dezan Shira’s other offerings, exist. We are trying to facilitate our North American clients in expanding their business in markets that are advantageous in large part because of these challenges”, says Holly McCleery, moderator of the group.

This platform joins a growing list of tools available for investors interested in the Asia region, among them, Asiapedia.

Asiapedia is a resource library with information on Asian countries in various multimedia formats including podcasts, presentations, as well as Q&As and legal documents.

“For example, while language barrier isn’t as much of an issue for doing business in India, different practices, licensing, and market conditions can be. That’s when it pays to have these resources at your fingertips,” continues McCleery.

Weekly Updates and Useful Resources for Investors in Asia

More and more of our clients and businesses have diversified holdings all around Southeast Asia. We wanted one place where multinationals could go to talk shop and receive updates.

Whether you invest in Vietnam or have a business in China, you will find something of interest.

While Dezan Shira is moderating, group members will drive the discussion. Members are free to share updates or resources they find impactful and engage with other members about experiences.

We will post weekly updates of the regulatory or business environments around the region or share useful resources (think: benchmark salary study).

Who Should Join?

Business owners, managers, executives and other investors from the US and Canada should join if:

  • You invest in China, India, Vietnam, or other ASEAN markets;
  • You are curious to hear insight and on-the-ground experience from others operating in Asia;
  • You want to receive regular updates about the region;
  • You want to network with potential partners in the area;

Click here to join today.