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Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory

De-risk the M&A path to your business expansion.

To maintain pace with today’s rapid market changes, it is vital to constantly enhance your business portfolio and capabilities. Inorganic growth through mergers and acquisitions is one of the most efficient ways to achieve this, particularly when entering new markets.

Having said that, the paths to M&A success can be challenging without proper guidance. Whether you are a corporate acquirer or are preparing to sell your business, guidance from experts can ensure that an effective target and deal strategy are identified, managed, and realized at the right stages of the M&A process, so that you can securely connect with the targets and achieve a favorable market position.

Dezan Shira & Associates helps your organization maximize value, efficiency, and the likelihood of success at each step of the process, and from various aspects including legal, tax, finance, HR, and IT. We enable you to incorporate our extensive experience into your M&A strategy - from target screening, and due diligence, through to solid execution and integration.

Why Choose Our M&A Advisory Services


Streamlined Process

One integrated provider, with less time wasted and less confusion - we provide services through all M&A stages and one well-rounded solutions for your business growth.


Minimized Deal Risks

We approach each due diligence mission with a deep understanding of the underlying risk issues, to consider each transaction from the customers’ viewpoint, help to maximize overall potential and minimize risks.


On-the-Ground Support

Our experts based in 15+ countries/regions across Asia and our European and American liaison points will support your business plan in local languages and coordinate with the regional parties involved to achieve your goals


30+ Years of Experience

Our 30+ years of practical experience with various market entry modes and restructuring can better support your path to brand establishment, business scaling, stable distribution, talent access and supplier or customer acquisitions - faster and safer.


Complete Life Cycle Expertise

We represent your interest from the initial target spotting to deal closing and stay onboard for operational needs to exploit synergies from legal, tax, finance, HR, and IT perspectives in your new business form.


Efficient Pan-Asia Reach

For multi-country projects, our Asia advisory footprint and coordination mechanisms provide smooth and efficient processes, consolidations and financial PMI with a consistent approach and service levels.

Learn How Our M&A Advisory Can Help

How We Help Throughout the Deal Process

Dezan Shira & Associates provides M&A guidance and support throughout all stages of the M&A process and covers many of the technical aspects. Our blended capabilities can provide a quicker, more thorough as well as effective planning and implementation process, to better position you to realize the outcomes that you are targeting.

To increase access to deal opportunities for clients, and better meet their M&A demands, we’re proud to introduce asiamerger™ - our simple and ready-to-use M&A match-making portal.

asiamerger™ helps SME’s and M&A investors find a selection of opportunities for their interests in Asia and around the world. The portal enables companies to list valid buy or sell-side projects, confidentially and at no charge.

How it Works:

  • List your investment project or target with no membership or access fee;
  • Add or search projects in the US$3m to $100m range - any sector or country;
  • Access buyers or sellers via both the platform and our global M&A advisor network;
  • Get only validated interests, vetted by a Dezan Shira & Associates Advisor.

If you have an Asia M&A deal to list or find, try asiamerger™ by Listing a Project or Searching Buy-Side Projects.

Meet Our Project Leaders

Your M&A plans are in good hands with our project leaders with rich experience and an array of excellent local expertise advising both international and domestic investors with business expansion.

Our M&A Project Advisors:


China/Hong Kong SAR

Assistant Manager, International Business Advisory

China/Hong Kong SAR

Country Director


Managing Director


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