Celebrating Our 25th Anniversary

Your journey is our story

Celebrating Dezan Shira & Associates’ 25th Anniversary

The story of Dezan Shira & Associates is encapsulated in the individual journeys of each of its clients, people and partners. As our clients grow, as we work with our people, and as we create new opportunities with our partners, Dezan Shira’s own story becomes transformed and uniquely told. In a rapidly evolving Asia, there are many opportunities and obstacles which must be navigated - there is a journey that must be undertaken to achieve success. As we bridge Western businesses with the East, we must not forgot how they got here, how their passage changed who we are today and how their continuing journey will write the next twenty five years of our story.

Join us this year as we celebrate our 25 Years in Asia by exploring our history with the countries from which we’ve facilitated the most FDI, highlighting in each the respective stories our clients, staff and partners.

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