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How Foreigners Can Benefit from Obtaining a Chinese Permanent Residence?


Recently, many foreigners working and living in China are considering applying for a Permanent Residence, also known as a Chinese Green Card. 

Permanent Residence status provides foreigners with numerous benefits - making it a a popular choice among those looking for long-term settlement in China.  In light of the Covid-19 pandemic and ensuing travel bans, one of its biggest draws is the ability to enter the country without going through visa formalities.

In this webinar, Fuki Fu, Manager of Human Resource explains the qualifications and process for permanent residence application in China with some case studies, and sheds light on how to maintain permanent residency after it is obtained.


  • Who is eligible to apply for permanent residency in China?
  • What are the benefits of obtaining a permanent residency in China?
  • How to keep a permanent residence permit?

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