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Hong Kong’s National Security Law and its Impact on Businesses




Hong Kong has become a hot topic issue of late, yet for China, has long been a hot button issue.

Last year, when expressing support for pro-democracy protesters would have (and did) incur anger and repurcussions from Chinese consumers, now, individuals and organizations may be criminally liable for the same actions.

Under the new National Security Law, many businesses may have to adapt in some way. But adapt how, remains to be seen. Wording in the new law is deliberatly expansive, and ambigiuous. 

On top of that, punitive actions from the United States also mean that businesses must remain compliant with US law. 

Can Hong Kong retain its advatages in light of the new law and the increasing competitveness of Shanghai and Singapore? 

Tune in on-demand as Dustin Daugherty, Head of North American Business Development, discusses the new National Security Law and its impact on the business community. He also introduces Singapore as a possible alternative destination for those businesses who want a regional HQ from which to leverage Asia’s advantages.  

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