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Capitalizing on the Benefits from China's New Export Tax Refund Policy




Export tax refund, or export tax rebates, refer to refunds of value-added tax (VAT) and consumption tax (CT) paid by exporting enterprises on exported goods during the production and circulation process.

In 2022, China significantly improved its export tax refund policy through two important documents to further assist enterprises in alleviating difficulties, stimulate the vitality and potential of export enterprises, and create a better business environment for foreign trade.

With China’s reopening and the changing situation at home and abroad, enterprises need to have a good grasp of the VAT refund policy and its new changes, in order to comply with the regulations and enjoy the benefits of the policy properly.

In this webinar, Dezan Shira & Associates’ Senior Corporate Accounting Services Manager Amber Liu, and Assistant Manager Lynn Shen, discuss:

  1. General introduction of VAT refund policy;
  2. General process of VAT refund;
  3. Optimized administration of record-filing documents for export tax refund
  4. Improved administration of foreign exchange collection for export tax refund

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