China Work Permit Point Scoring System

Annual salary paid by employer
Criteria Input Score
Input yearly salary in RMB on the right  
Educational qualifications or vocational skills qualifications
Criteria Input Score
Doctorate; highest possible international vocational qualification; technical expert or equivalent  
Master's; technical expert or equivalent  
Bachelor's; high level worker or equivalent  
Work experience relevant to field
Criteria Input Score
Input number of years on the right  
Time to be spent working in China annually
Criteria Input Score
Input number of months on the right  
Criteria Input Score
Input your age in years on the right  
Chinese Level
Criteria Input Score
Former Chinese National  
Bachelor's degree or above, taught in Chinese  
HSK level 5 or above  
HSK level 4  
HSK level 3  
HSK level 2  
HSK level 1  
Does not speak any mandarin  
Location of employment (in China)
Criteria Input Score
Western regions  
Old industrial areas in the Northeast region  
Areas of interest such as empoverished counties  
None of the above  
Extra credit (expertise)
Criteria Input Score
Has graduated from a high-level university  
Has work experience at a Fortune 500 company  
Possesses patents or intellectual property rights  
Already has 5+ years of work experience in China  
Criteria Input Score
Input a number from 0-10
If you are not receiving extra credit or are doubtful extra credit will be assigned to you, please enter 0
Total (number of points)  
Result (Tier category)