India Income Tax Calculator

Tax Computation for AY 2019-20
Gross annual income
Allowances exempt under section 10
(I) House Rent Allowance (HRA) exemption
    City of residence
    Basic Salary (Basic+DA)
    Annual rent paid
    H.R.A received
(II) Standard deduction
* for salaried and pensioner
(iii) Any other exempted receipts / allowances
(iv) Professional tax
Income under the head salaries
1. Interest received from following investments:
a. Bank ( Saving /FD /RD )
b. N.S.C.(accrued/ received )
c. Post ofice M.I.S (6 yrs.)
d. Post office recurring deposit (5 yrs.)
Any other income

Gross total income

Additional deductions under section 80CCD NPS (Max: INR 50,000)

    Input here
Total income
Tax rebate of INR 2,500 (for income less than INR 3.5 lakhs)
Total tax payable
Tax surcharge @10% (for income more than INR 50 lakhs)
Education cess + Health cess @4%
Net tax payable